Lessons to help students: Identify potential sources

[Understand the types of containers in which information is housed (ex: different types of libraries, books, databases, online catalogs, primary sources, etc.) and the types of information that can be found within each type of container. Understand the roles and limitations of differing types of information sources (encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, etc.) and finding tools (research databases, online catalogs, bibliographic citations, people, etc.). Select the most productive information sources and finding tools to address a given information need. ]

Locating Sources (Submitted by Sarah Aloise)

Information Web Quest (Submitted by Shannon (Hosier) Mersand)

I discovered after administering the Trails-9 assessment to my 7-12 students that they really did not have an understanding of what libraries and their staff provide. As a project for one of my graduate classes, I developed the following "WebQuest" which was designed to be a self-guided tour of libraries.
Information Web Quest
Worksheet: external image msword.png wheretogoworksheet.doc

Sources Lesson (Submitted by Hilary Anderson)

This lesson is intended to be more source specific than the webquest above.