Handouts for students

Handout created for teaching types of information (submitted by Jan Warden)

Information concept map Inspir Info Concept Map.doc

Research Tips (Submitted by Marj Kirkland)

a bookmark containing quick research tips for students.

Primary Source Worksheet involving the National Archives (Submitted by Julie Horrocks)

Matching Worksheet based on Trails-9 (Submitted by Karen Levy)

TRAILS Support Materials

TRAILS Promotional Flyer (submitted by Julie Gedeon and Barbara Schloman)

Conference Handouts

OELMA 2007 TRAILS-9 presentation (submitted by Julie Gedeon)

AASL 2008 Fall Forum TRAILS workshop (submitted by Julie Gedeon and Barbara Schloman)

TRAILS 2009 Update - Ohio videoconference

TRAILS 2009 Update - Ohio eTech Conference Presentation