Lessons to help students: Develop topics

(Develop focus. Recognize the hierarchical relationships of broader and narrower topics. Identify individuals to help you focus a topic. Identify manageable topics based on the parameters of an assignment. )

Broader and Narrower (Submitted by Shannon (Hosier) Mersand)

Broader and Narrower Lesson Plan:
Broader and Narrower Power Point:
Defining your Research Topic Worksheet:

Keywords (Submitted by Shannon (Hosier) Mersand)

Keyword Worksheet:

Focus on A Topic (Submitted by Tricia Milazzo)

Powerpoint to help teach elementary students about the basics of how to focus on a topic. Teachers can then input how they want their students to go about getting their information. Also included are some examples that I actually use in my classroom to make this work. This is based on Florida's FINDS Model. For more info: http://www.sunlink.ucf.edu/finds/
Focus Powerpoint:
Focus Powerpoint with examples included:
Worksheets to use with students to determine questions:

FINDS Research Model Powerpoint (Submitted by Kelli Eten)

FINDS Presentation for Faculty:

FINDS: Florida's Research Model (Submitted by Dorothy Sokowski)

Powerpoint to help high school students start the research process.

FINDS: Focus Funnel Worksheet for Students grades 6-8 (Submitted by Heidi Dunham Marsh aka hmarsh)

Page one is an example that can be used as a teacher's guide or for students to see the intention of the worksheet. Page two is the blank worksheet.