Develop, use, and revise search strategies

[Understand how to use a given type of information container in order to retrieve information (ex: index and table of contents in a book, an online catalog, etc.). Select search terms. Develop a search strategy for the topic appropriate to a given finding tool. Understand how to use Boolean operators. Revise search strategies when too few, too many, or irrelevant results are returned. ]

Google Game (submitted by Kerry Brown Parker)

Boolean Operators (Submitted by Shannon (Hosier) Mersand)

This power point talks about what boolean operators are, and how to use them.
Boolean Lesson Plan:
Boolean Worksheet:
Boolean PowerPoint:

Delicious Tagging (Submitted by Shannon (Hosier) Mersand)

There is no formal lesson plan for this yet, but I have this idea of using to have kids create tags (keywords) for websites that they might use for research. As they are tagging, they are learning about the importance of keywords. They can also try to assign Dewey Numbers to their tags to learn how information is organized on the library.